December 8th’s Book Lounge was a tight group of writers and readers coming together in solidarity post-election. Jay sang a new poem for us, stunning in its dirge-like simplicity; Dede shared a long poem about trauma recovery from her forthcoming book; we talked at length about allegories in literature: Plato’s Cave through Animal Farm. Fascinating 📚… just thought of Lord of the Flies….. Dede’s newest GWP book that publishes on Dec. 12th is called Broken Wing by David Budbill, which is an allegory on racism in America using the symbol of the injured bird as a metaphor for injustice. ✊🏽

Next Book Lounge on Thursday, December 15 at 6:00 PM, bring writing or poetry (yours or a published author you love….. on hope/activism…. (I’m thinking of a poem by Sherman Alexie, for example).